About our Shop

My maternal grandparents had italian origins and lived in Piemonte, but during the World War Two they had to flee in France, so they started their family there, precisely in the southern region. 

Since I was a kid I used to visit my relatives in France and every time I went there with my family, we filled the car with veggies and specialties from Piemonte (breadsticks, gorgonzola cheese and pastries), trying to please everyone’s taste.

This made my grandma especially happy because those flavors reminded her of her life back in Italy. 

During summer and Christmas holidays I used to cook with my grandma: we usually made Gnocchi and Agnolotti all togheter.

Within the years I began to be passionate about cooking thanks to her and the more I grew up the more she taught me to make more complex dishes, from starters to first and main courses, both meat and fish. 

All the dishes were cooked lightly, with genuine high quality products, but the most important thing is that everything was made with love, even setting up the table. 

For us food means home, means being together, means family.